Glenda Norton Circle:

Glenda Norton Circle is a service group made up of the women of Edgerton Memorial.  All women of the church are invited to attend. The Glenda Morton Circle meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon at Bob Evan's Restaurant in Smithfield. For more info, please call the church office.

Some Examples Of Our Projects:

Coordinate meals for families who have lost loved ones.

Provide Easter and Christmas baskets for the elderly and shut-ins

Send birthday and holiday cards to our college students.

Donate items to help local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Provide Bibles for our High School Graduates.

Sponsor a "Senior Night Dinner" for our senior citizens.


Glenda Norton Circle has a group called the "Willing Workers"who do home repairs and provide any necessary help with "the harvest." We have put up a set of handrails for a diabetic; rented a Bobcat and spread piles of driveway gravel and dirt for a member who can no longer do heavy labor. We replaced a kitchen floor for one church member and a kitchen cabinet for another.  We also help with home delivered meals on the months that Edgerton is signed up.